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Chapon Le Hir is a consulting and brokerage agency.

Since the beginning of the 70s, our mission has been to assist professionals, companies and insurance agents achieve both corporate and personal assets protection.

Our services


Risk Management
Audit & Counselling

Chapon Le Hir offers an ongoing long-term risk-management approach allowing customers to gain preferential access to solutions combining traditional insurance and financial engineering. This approach starts with a detailed assessment focused on the vulnerabilities of the Customer’s company.


Traditional insurance
Property, casualty & Life

Once the initial assessment and company strategy are set, Chapon Le Hir offers a protection plan adapted to your company’s global assets, through traditional insurance solutions customised to meet your specific needs and challenges.


Financial & insurance

In cases where risks and hazards may not be covered through traditional solutions, Chapon Le Hir offers alternative, customised insurance solutions allowing you to respond efficiently to the limitations of products available on the market.

Our missions

mission-photo1Assisting entrepreneurs with :

  • Strategic decision making
  • Optimising resource use and managing risks
  • Perennially preserving and developing their work tool
  • Setting up a development strategy
  • Designing solutions combining financial engineering and insurance agreements

mission-photo3Insuring risks :

  • Property damages
  • Civil liability
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Construction
  • Freight transport
  • Work accidents
  • Special/financial risks, …

mission-photo2And protecting « People » – managers, associates, families, including:

  • Maintaining a specific standard of living
  • Providing for the future
  • Health
  • Retirement
  • Employee savings
  • Protecting borrowers


Discovering our customised solutions

What's new

with your insurance broker ?

Risk manager : about Prevention

The professional Risk Manager : a niche occupation or next century’s job? Beyond being a mere professional, working as a Risk Manager means taking a fresh look at the world and accepting to run against the tide.

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Risk manager

Originated in English-speaking countries, the profession of Risk Manager has gradually settled on the French territory. The purpose of Risk Management is to assess and evaluate the risks threatening a particular company, then to develop strategies enabling it to prevent a materialization of those risks.

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Redefining Chapon Le Hir’s identity

Redefining Chapon Le Hir’s identity

Discover Chapon Le Hir agency’s new identity. We are an ambitious agency that gives Customers in France and all over the world access to solutions combining financial engineering and traditional insurance.

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